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Welcome to my blog, Holistic Wellness & Fitness. I am Coach Debbie and I am a wellness transformation coach! Through my blog, I want you to know that you are not alone. I started my transformation journey back in September of 2016 and it continues to date. I am so excited about my transformation success to date that I want to share with everyone who will listen. I want to help others to reach their “champion” status and live a better overall life as a result. I am looking for people to join me as I continue my journey to wellness and fitness. Welcome again and stay tuned for future posts.


How I use flexible dieting to transform my body and live a healthy/fit life style ?

I personally hate the name “Flexible Dieting” because it has the word “diet” in it and diets are something that are a fad, short lived, and do not produce sustainable results. Flexible dieting does not share any qualities with the term diet as we have come to know it. So let’s start by defining flexible dieting.

Flexible Dieting is also known as,  ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ (IIFYM). Basically it refers to counting macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrate fat and fiber) to achieve a body composition goal. Basically the individual, has a set macro-nutritional plan to follow on a daily basis. An individual’s macro-nutrient needs are calculated by using total daily energy expenditure and desired outcomes. The focus here is on overall body composition as opposed to weight loss or gain; therefore, calorie counting takes a back seat.

So what does this mean about food?  The general thinking about food is that there is no true good or bad food regarding weight loss/gain or your body composition goals. Now, of course, that does not mean eat all processed, GMO filled, high fat, junk types of food because we know that, based on current research, that poor quality food does not support good overall health. Furthermore, current research in the field of nutrition, supports eating whole, non processed, green foods and meats/poultry that is free from hormones/antibiotics and has been raised free-range/ uncaged. When food enters your body it is not determining good or bad; rather, it is simply breaking down and processing the nutrients the best way it can in order to function at optimum efficiency. This makes a lot of sense when one considers the metabolic process/metabolism. The metabolism, simply explained, is the physical and chemical process that our bodies use to break down what we put into our body and produce energy. If that process is inhibited or taxed because of what we eat or do not eat then it malfunctions. For example, we see a lot of metabolism issues because many people eat a lot of foods that are nutritionally deficient and suffer from malnutrition in the modern age of having an abundance of food and food choices. This is occurring all over the world and people are simply becoming fatter and sicker as a result.

I count every macro nutrient that goes in my body. I can tell you what I ate a week ago and break it down because I meal plan and stay within my macro-nutritional plan. It’s really as simple as that. This means that I choose to take the time to plan what I eat, how and when I will prepare it, and how I structure my meals/eating throughout any given day. Everything I put into my body is measured and counted. Furthermore, I choose to eat my own food most of the time. I rarely eat out and when I do, I am very selective as to place and food items. The bottom line is that flexible dieting is an easy concept that anyone can apply in their lives today and forever; however, the issue for many of us is the discipline it takes to stay on top of taking care of ourselves before sickness and disease force us to have someone else care for us.

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What made your day today?Just a man and his dogs!

Like everyone, I prepare for each day much the same; however, I have come to a place in my existence where I am able to stop in the flow of my normalcy and take in moments to make each day special. There are times when one moment stands out as extra special and eventually comes to be a part of my day. Meaning that if that moment does not present itself then I actually miss it and seek it out the following days wondering what happened.

Todd and his two beautiful dogs have become a special moment in my day. Each morning I find Todd, Little Willow and Reba outside the WaWa where I stop and get coffee. Todd has breakfast with them and feeds them sauage, bisquits, and gravy with a spoon. Every time I see them, it warms my heart and I am reminded of the goodness that still exists within humanity. The love, compassion, and mercy Todd shows to Little Willow and Reba is a blessing to see each day.

Take a moment and look around? Where is your special moment in the day?

Living In The Moment!

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Put on your negativity shield!

It is ver esy for all ofus to get caught up in all the negative thibgs that enter our paths on a daily basis. I think the most difficult negativity to deal with is those negative people who are…. well… simply just miserable. And, let’s face it, there are many, many negative people all around us. First, just realize that they exist to make everyone around them just as miserable as they are. Second, create physical space between you and those power houses spewing negativity. If you can’t create physical space then create mental space. Tune that negative element out as much as you can. Last, put on your shield to protect yourself from negative influences. Your shield is developing a keen sense or radar and a thick skin to deflect negativity. 

Keep your focus on the good thibgs that appeare throughout your day….. they are there but you need to recognize them.

Make your day a great one!

Coach Debbie

What do you tell yourself?

When we look around at others and see people struggling we can easily relate and tell ourselves how awesome we are that we have overcome this and that. However, when we look around and see successful people, especially in areas we are not finding so much success in, we do one or all of the following three things:

  1. We tell ourselves, “I am fine with who and where I am, I am ok with being fat and happy” ( for example).
  2. We tell ourselves simply, “I can’t do that either and I am ok with that”.
  3. We tell ourselves, “I don’t have time, money, or the ambition to do that and it’s ok”.

All of those things are nothing more than excuses that allow any one of us to avoid taking a real hard look at ourselves and being “real” and honest with our current state of affairs. In this article we are specifically talking about health, wellness, and fitness. The intention here is to motivate you to question yourself, identify your own weak points, and work on them for your benefit. For those that have a hard time with a dose of reality and deem my approach as insensitive, a put down, or simply not the right “fit” for your style. Please remember one thing, the “right fit”  is called status quo and leaves you wallowing in your comfort zone. If you do not seek out ways in which you can filter the tricks your mind will play on you (as we are all human and fall victim to our own minds) and allow for an avenue where you can receive reality checks then you will simply not grow and you will remain in the same spot you are in right now. And, this is even more true when it comes to our view of our bodies, what we eat, whether we exercise, and how fit or unfit we are. The following are some “get real with me” thoughts.

  1. Time- This is the most common excuse I hear for people not to commit to what it takes to make real changes in their health, wellness, and fitness. I have one thing to say, If you cannot find 60 minutes in a day to devote to your own health, wellness, and fitness then you have no life! I suggest that you seriously look at what you do and make changes. If you do not then you will be one of the hundreds of thousands of people across this planet with one or more of the common modern day diseases (diabetic, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression to name a few). You will run yourself into the ground and one day wake up and realize that you wasted most of the precious time given to you doing things that did very little for you or the world. If you want to be healthy and fit then you MUST choose to be healthy and fit. You MUST take steps to become healthy and fit. And, you MUST make the time to become healthy and fit. If you don’t make the time then there will never be time.
  2. Money- This is another one of the most common excuses I hear for people not to commit to what it takes to to make real changes in their health, wellness, and fitness. Money comes and goes; however, your health, wellness, and fitness does NOT! When your health, wellness, and fitness is gone……it is gone and very difficult to regain if it is able to be regained at all (depending on circumstance and/or illness). Our priorities are not in the right order. We get that money for the annual family vacation, Christmas, family dinner out once or twice a month, or that dress or bag; however, putting money on a serious avenue toward fitness and wellness is not possible. The reality is that none of those other things are as important as you health, wellness, and fitness. Non of those other things will matter if you are suddenly struck with a life threatening and/or debilitating illness or even death. The reality is that the first priority for where we all should spend our money is on our health and  fitness.
  3. “I just can’t do it”- This is another common phrase I hear from people regarding their health, wellness, and fitness. Honestly, this translates into “I won’t do it”. YOU can do much more than you think you can do! The problem is that, like all human beings, we want to take the easy way. We want the results to be quick and fast and if they are not then we give up. We also tend to want things on our own terms or we want the results to line up to what we believe they should be along the way. Well, sorry to tell all but that is just not the way it works. You will have to try something, adjust it, readjust it, and even then the results will come in the time that your body takes to respond to the demands you are placing on it. You must get the right support. This starts with a good coach and a comprehensive health, wellness, fitness program. That comprehensive program must include 3 components: (1) individualized/customized strength training, (2) individualized/customized cardio, and (3) an individualized/customized macronutient plan. You most certainly can do it if you want to do it!

The bottom line here is that we tell ourselves all sorts of crazy stuff. Let’s be real with ourselves for our own benefit and launch ourselves into the best version of ourselves possible (both inside and out).

I Changed My Thinking, It Changed My life!

Coach Debbie

What Helps With Soreness From Work Outs?

There are four products I use when Ihave to push through the soreness of building strength and muscle. They are:

1) THT’s BCAA’S.

Pink Lemonade is my favorite flavor. The following resource explains. 


2) Epsin Salt + 10 Drops of Doterra’s Deep Blue Essential Oil. 


3) Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub


4) Doterra’s Deep Blue Supplements


I usea combination of these products to combat soreness. No harmful chemicals, highest quality purification ptocesses used, purist products on market, and no GMO.

Email Me “How can I GetMy Supplements” at debbie@wellnesstransformationcoach.com

Coach Debbie

How do we truly maintain flexible dieting within a macro nutrient plan for a life time? It’s All About the Choices We Make

Flexible Dieting a Lifestyle Change

Flexible dieting, in very simplistic terms, is when we change our macro nutrient intake (carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fiber, and fat ) from time to time to get a desired result. The desired result could be weight loss, muscle gain, or developing tone and definition to the body. As we progress monitor we collect data and change the macro nutrient intake based upon the progress monitoring data we get from our bodies response to those changes. Factors such as rate of weight loss, increased/decreased fatigue, rate of muscle development, body fat numbers, injuries, lack of response, overactive response by the body and so on.Flexible dieting is well researched and is the only way that I know of to truly make changes that get results and can be sustained for a lifetime.

The key here is the sustainability for a lifetime because, as we all likely know by now, diets are not sustainable. That is why people fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting, starvation, binge eating, eating disorders, and loose weight only to gain more pounds back than they started at initially. The next trap we tend to fool ourselves with is the thinking, “well I eat healthy and exercise….so i am choosing a healthy life style”. It certainly is the case that even when we are not following a program some of us make better health choices than others. However, my experience, looking at clients three day macro averages, tells me that most of us, despite how clean and healthy we think we are eating, are either starving ourselves (literally extremely nutritionally deprived) or we are not providing our bodies with the correct balance of macro nutrients to help our bodies run like well maintained machines.

The first choice that we must make is to be open minded to learning something new or a different way of doing things. You cannot grow and reach new personal heights unless you are willing to listen, learn, and change. This means that we allow new information in and work through the frustration that comes along with change. Embracing and welcoming the process is key to minimizing frustration and moving forward one step at a time.

The second choice that we must make is to commit to learning how to and execute meal planning and preparation. You cannot know what your body needs unless you know exactly what you are putting into it. You also cannot know how to adjust and/or trouble shoot challenges you will have unless you know exactly what and how much of those macro nutrients you are putting into your body.

The third choice and this is a BIG one! Once you have adjusted to meal planning and you have a rhythm to how you make it happen, what you choose to put into your meal plans comes into play. This will determine if you are left hungry at the the end of the day or if you feel satisfied throughout your day. For example, I love Clif bars; however, on my low carbohydrate days, one Clif bar uses up so many of my carbs that I feel cheated by the middle to end of my day. What happens then?  I either stick with it and push through or I cheat. I learned fast to make better choices. I no longer eat a Clif bar on a low carb. day because I can find better food items that leave me full and satisfied.

The bottom line is we all make choices that push us forward to be the best we can be or set us back and keep us from realizing our greatest potentials that are buried within ourselves. Where we are, in all aspects of our lives, is based on the choices we make. Look in the mirror and the most obvious place one can see the manifestation of those choices is in the outward appearance of our bodies. 

I am currently recruiting for Team Hardbody’s full body 16 week transformation program.  There will only be 4  serious people, who are ready to take their bodies to the next level, chosen. This is life changing! It’s time for you to choose to be one of those 4 who get the opportunity to change their lives! Email me at debbie@wellnesstransformationcoach.com or text me “!  16 Week Transformation Program_Coach Debbie at 607-345-7623

Live today with passion and conviction!

Coach Debbie