You have to decide enough is enough and just start a change!

The truth is, I started on my health and fitness journey because I truly felt like I was headed straight to my grave. The following gives you a glimpse of where I started and where I have come to.

My start point:

Steps problematic, aches/pains everywhere on my body, skin issues started, looked/felt tired all the time, poor sleep, mobility starting to be negatively impacted, anxiety and depression high/difficult to control, hair thinning more and more, moody, and just inhappy. Harder and harder to get through day. I could barely do most of my excercises correctly, cardio almost killed me, and I left the gym ( which was only 3 days at that time) almost unable to walk.

Me Now:

Wake up 4/5 a.m. refreshed because sleep problems disappearred, go to gym to do cardio, get coffee, drive to work ( 1 hr. 20 min), artive at work anywhere from 730-830a.m., mid day 3x a week speed walk laps 30 minutes, leave work around 4 p.m., drive back home to gym( 1 hr 20 min) do about 1 hr lifting routine, go home, eat, prepare for next day, in bed by 9 p.m. I do all that 5 days, Sat is my day off/rest, and sunday is a 55 min cardio with 60 min lift routine. I have confidence, I am happy, Anxiety/depression gone, skin issues gone, feel amazing, I have energy and I am told I glow!  I never miss the gym and I leave with a bounce in my step. And….this is only my beginning.

It’s your chance today!


I am screening to fill 8 spots  for our 12 or 16 week transformation program. Must be serious about wellness and transforming their bodies . I have 4 spots left . email me at :


text me at 607-345-7623

Be sure to include your first/Last name , your email address, best contact number and your wellness/fitness goals.


Coach Debbie

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