What to do under pressure?

Don’t Be Derailed!

One of the most plan damaging, dream killing, goal smashing culprits out there is “pressure”. It can be pressure from anything from being on time to the tenth meeting of the day, to financial challenges, to something as simple as what to wear, or what to eat for lunch. No matter how big or small the matter at hand, it can derail any one of us because…..well…..we are simply human and we have weaknesses.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a coping strategy. What does that mean? You must realize that this is a normal part of life and it is simply part of our human existence. Anticipate that daily pressures will be there. Take that a step further and anticipate the pressures throughout your day that are a part of defining you and your life.

Once you anticipate what you are likely to face then you empower yourself  to be strong in facing the pressure you will feel. By empowering yourself, you minimize the impact that it will have on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now that you are prepared mentally for what you will face because you utilized the power of anticipation, you can easily implement your action plan that you have in place in order to keep on the track toward your plan, goals, and dreams.

What is an action plan? The action plan is the action or inaction you will take in the face of   pressure brought on by situations we face every moment of evey day. The following outlines steps you can take to make your action plan.

Identify your trigger/s. What is it that sets you off into a downward spiral straight off your path ( binge eating, grabbing comfort food, compulsive shopping  driving right past the gym for the day). When you know your trigger or triggers then you can formulate what you will do or not do when that situation arises and triggers that overwhelming feeling of pressure. Some examples are:

  •  take a time out for 30 seconds and talk yourself off that ledge
  • reach out to your support person ( here is where everyone needs a coach as significant others are not always the best choice at the moment)
  • don’t keep comfort items close ( leave chocolates, cakes, candies at the store)
  • use mental framing with a key preplanned positive phrase). For example, take a deep breath and within your own mind tell yourself your preplaned phrase. It may be “Ok it will be alright, calm downand and focus”
  • Give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself at that moment. If you need to cry then its ok to do so. It doesn’t have to be crying it could be anything that works (that goes for men and women). Find a moment alone, allow yourself the release, and then move forward.

The bottom line is that we all face pressures throughout our day. Empowering ourselves by accepting that fact and pre planning how we will meet that pressure,and the next to come will determine if it  derails us from our path or not.

Keep taking the next step to your success!

Coach Debbie

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