Maintaining Your Health Plan When Traveling

It can be a challenge to maintain consistency in our eating and fitness plans under normal daily stressors. However, travel poses its own set of challenges and difficulties. For example, gym access, food choices, and meal planning can be severely impaired to completely impossible.

With that being said, what is one to do? Before I begin, the first step is don’t get frustrated and simply accept the situation as is….welcome it and own it. It truly is not the end of the world. Remember people were  building strength, endurance, and muscle before gyms ever existed. People were able to transform their bodies since humans existed. 

Once you embrace the moment in which you are in, decide and commit to continuing your plan despite factors that make it difficult. Remember, you are not throwing everything away, rather you are simply going to do the same or close to the same things you have done, but in a different way. 

How? First, make sure you have started and firmly grounded in your plan prior to travel. This means that you have existing meal plans that you know by heart and. an easily tweak on the fly. When you have your foundation it is very simple to make needed adjustments due to circumstances. This takes care of your meal planning and potential execution issues prior to even leaving home. Another important point to consider is taking some dry items that are easy to carry with you. Protien  powder and clif protien bars are two of my favorites to have with me. In a pinch I can use these to get thos macros in.

Next, is your planned strength building and fitness program. Many people make the mistake of thinking that vacation means doing nothing that seems like work. Complicating this is that when people have limited to no gym access, they tend to simply take “time off”. Although that may be the easy, most desirable answer, it is not the answer for your health and where you have built up to physically and metally. Here is where utube and common sense comes into the picture. Take each of your workouts and identify the areas of the body you are working on in each session. Do a search for a workout for that body area without weights or equipment. For example, the search phrase may be, ” legs workout no weights”. Pick something simple and make it work. For cardio simply walk. You can walk outside or do a walk in place inside for 20 minutes or more. 

The above tips should get you through your travels. Even when your travels are longer periods of time, these tips will get you through until you can get acclimated and find a gym or gym alternative.
Stay flexible stay fit!

Coach Debbie

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