When things get bumpy, what do we do?

Embarking on a journey to change anything about and/or within yourself is a very difficult and challenging task. When that journey involves something as personal and close as our health, wellness, and  fitness ( which involves food and physical activity) which demands personal discipline… well it’s really a challenge for most of us. 

Despite the great challenge, many of us make the personal choice to take the first step and choose to change our current health and physical fitness status. We are determined and stay the course. Many look at us and wish it could be so “easy” for them. Others see our progress and even show negativity and try to sabayage us. And, then there are those who take the leap with us and two days later are no whete to be found. 

What many don’t realize is, those of us who remain steadfast on our journey to health and wellness, and a body that is toned and defined, we face ourown demonds on a daily basis. Not only that we have some times of great turbulance. There are days when eating  plans are not followed to the T, training programs aren’t completed, and overall performance is down. 

In bumpy times here is what I do:

1. I anticipate them. My rule is don’t fall completely off the wagon and do something from that days workout. In other words, I control how far I will let myself falter. Thereis no such thing as being completelyfree and starting allover.

2. I don’t beat myself up.

3. I have a recovery plan. I use intermittant fasting ( 8 hour eating window/16 hour water/tea/black coffee) at times. This allows me to flush my system and kick start the metabolism.

4. I keep moving and working my plan.
It’s all about knowing yourself, planning, and managing yourself in those moments.
Coach Debbie

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