How do we truly maintain flexible dieting within a macro nutrient plan for a life time? It’s All About the Choices We Make

Flexible Dieting a Lifestyle Change

Flexible dieting, in very simplistic terms, is when we change our macro nutrient intake (carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fiber, and fat ) from time to time to get a desired result. The desired result could be weight loss, muscle gain, or developing tone and definition to the body. As we progress monitor we collect data and change the macro nutrient intake based upon the progress monitoring data we get from our bodies response to those changes. Factors such as rate of weight loss, increased/decreased fatigue, rate of muscle development, body fat numbers, injuries, lack of response, overactive response by the body and so on.Flexible dieting is well researched and is the only way that I know of to truly make changes that get results and can be sustained for a lifetime.

The key here is the sustainability for a lifetime because, as we all likely know by now, diets are not sustainable. That is why people fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting, starvation, binge eating, eating disorders, and loose weight only to gain more pounds back than they started at initially. The next trap we tend to fool ourselves with is the thinking, “well I eat healthy and exercise….so i am choosing a healthy life style”. It certainly is the case that even when we are not following a program some of us make better health choices than others. However, my experience, looking at clients three day macro averages, tells me that most of us, despite how clean and healthy we think we are eating, are either starving ourselves (literally extremely nutritionally deprived) or we are not providing our bodies with the correct balance of macro nutrients to help our bodies run like well maintained machines.

The first choice that we must make is to be open minded to learning something new or a different way of doing things. You cannot grow and reach new personal heights unless you are willing to listen, learn, and change. This means that we allow new information in and work through the frustration that comes along with change. Embracing and welcoming the process is key to minimizing frustration and moving forward one step at a time.

The second choice that we must make is to commit to learning how to and execute meal planning and preparation. You cannot know what your body needs unless you know exactly what you are putting into it. You also cannot know how to adjust and/or trouble shoot challenges you will have unless you know exactly what and how much of those macro nutrients you are putting into your body.

The third choice and this is a BIG one! Once you have adjusted to meal planning and you have a rhythm to how you make it happen, what you choose to put into your meal plans comes into play. This will determine if you are left hungry at the the end of the day or if you feel satisfied throughout your day. For example, I love Clif bars; however, on my low carbohydrate days, one Clif bar uses up so many of my carbs that I feel cheated by the middle to end of my day. What happens then?  I either stick with it and push through or I cheat. I learned fast to make better choices. I no longer eat a Clif bar on a low carb. day because I can find better food items that leave me full and satisfied.

The bottom line is we all make choices that push us forward to be the best we can be or set us back and keep us from realizing our greatest potentials that are buried within ourselves. Where we are, in all aspects of our lives, is based on the choices we make. Look in the mirror and the most obvious place one can see the manifestation of those choices is in the outward appearance of our bodies. 

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Live today with passion and conviction!

Coach Debbie