What made your day today?Just a man and his dogs!

Like everyone, I prepare for each day much the same; however, I have come to a place in my existence where I am able to stop in the flow of my normalcy and take in moments to make each day special. There are times when one moment stands out as extra special and eventually comes to be a part of my day. Meaning that if that moment does not present itself then I actually miss it and seek it out the following days wondering what happened.

Todd and his two beautiful dogs have become a special moment in my day. Each morning I find Todd, Little Willow and Reba outside the WaWa where I stop and get coffee. Todd has breakfast with them and feeds them sauage, bisquits, and gravy with a spoon. Every time I see them, it warms my heart and I am reminded of the goodness that still exists within humanity. The love, compassion, and mercy Todd shows to Little Willow and Reba is a blessing to see each day.

Take a moment and look around? Where is your special moment in the day?

Living In The Moment!

Coach DebbieIMG_2583

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