What is the number one factor for success in transforming you and your life?

Almost everyone will say that they have many things about themselves and thei and required r lives that they would like to change. Weight, body, job, and relationships seem to be the areas I hear people identify the most. Identifying what we would like to change within ourselves and our lives is the easy part. The hard part is taking action to facilitating change and then consistently following through to attain results.

There are many factors that go into one’s success in actually making changes and then attaining then having those changes become lasting to qualify as lifestyle changes. However, the one factor that is the most important is YOU. You have to be in the place where you will do and spend whatever to make the needed commitment and required persistence to start, continue, and never give up when times get tough. I was reminded of this recently with a conversation I had with a new client. She had just started week one in her individual, comprehensive, health and wellness transformation program, and she was excited and started out really strong and hard. She hit her macros and her workouts minus the intensity at some points. She was sore, unable to do some workouts, and hungry. She was worried she wasn’t doing well. At the same time she gave up her favorite soda.

My feedback to her was, “you have shocked your body. Do what you can consistently and that will be your baseline starting point. We build from there”. As I continued to speak to her, I recalled when I started my journey at 280 lbs. I shared with her that when I started, I could barely do the exercises and left the gym for the first three weeks so sore I could barely walk and in tears often. I shared with her that I decided that if it killed me that was fine but I was going to get healthy, fit, and drop the weight.

I realized from this interaction that making life changes is really hard, but the determining factor of making long lasting changes is oneself!

Keep Moving You Forward!

“The Only Way of Finding the Limits of the Possible is By Going Beyond Them into the Impossible”…..Arthur C. Clarke

Coach Debbie

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