Coach Debbie Joins Team Hardbody Coaching: The Team of Champions

Coach Debbie has spent most of her professional years in K-12 education as an expert within her field. In addition to a professional career, at age 51, Coach Debbie is 33 years happily married to her best friend and greatest advocate, has 3 wonderful grown children, and 5 grand children. She is a published author of, Dalinkwents which is a realistic portrayal of her teaching career and how she served her students. She has spent a lifetime overcoming life’s hurdles and striving toward personal and professional success. She believes that no matter where one is on this path of life, each individual has within them the innate ability to do better. The struggle for most of us is that the journey of true self improvement and personal development is often the lesser traveled because it is, often, the most painful.

Despite achieving what most people would consider “success”, Coach Debbie had one last “Monkey on her back” as she would say. She was in her late 40’s, very overweight, struggling with anxiety and depression, and feeling very poorly both physically and emotionally. Her heaviest weight was at 280 lbs. On that day Coach Debbie decided that something had to change; however, she was not that dedicated to doing what truly needed to be done. She made some changes to how and what she ate and turned toward a healthier diet that what was her norm at that time. She lost 15 lbs doing the very bare minimum. That is where things came to a dead stop and did not move for approximately another 2 years.

After the passing of those two years, Coach Debbie was 50, still very overweight with aches and pains everywhere in her body. Further, she was plagued with severe headaches and felt miserable. She accidentally came across Team Hardbody’s Facebook ad. and responded to  get a transformation consultation. That day, unknown even to her, was the birthday of her new life. That day in September 2017 is marked as the first day of her new beginning to attain true health, complete wellness & solid fitness. That “monkey on her back” (the most difficult one) was tossed off in one phone conversation with Law Payne (CEO/Founder Team Hardbody Coaching).

To date, after nearly 9 months, Coach Debbie has lost 42 lbs, and 47 inches and lives a completely healthy, all natural, fit lifestyle. She has completely undergone a life change! She is a few lbs from the half way point of her total weight loss goal, is stronger, and feels like a new person. Coach Debbie has developed a holistic approach to wellness and fitness, and that has allowed her to have great results. Team Hardbody Coaching is the transformation team that taught, supported, and guided Coach Debbie throughout her transformation. She continues on her path to true wellness and fitness with this team of true champions. Her goals are to drop all excess weight and sculpt her body into one of an athlete. She will tell you, “I have no intention to compete professionally in any division of female bodybuilding, but I will look as if I could”!

After experiencing such a great coaching team, learning from them, and getting outstanding results, Coach Debbie has become a coach on this team of champions. She desires to help people achieve their personal wellness and fitness goals by focusing on holistic wellness and fitness.