What is the difference between personal trainer and fitness coach?

Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach?

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Here are 5 major differences between the two

1.      At home or at the Gym?

One of the major differences between a personal trainer and a fitness coach is the location wherein they do their job. By definition, and as we are all probably aware of, personal trainers are the people employed by the gym to help members create and work through a program. A fitness coach on the other hand is someone who helps you achieve the level of body fitness you want at your own home or wherever you choose to do your work out. The difference between working out regularly in a gym and at home can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your fitness training. Specifically, there are those of us who would prefer to do their programs privately at the comfort of their own homes while there are others who find it better to work out in a more public environment. Comparing which is more effective is debatable up to a certain degree but it all really boils down to the individual preferences of people. Some may find that working out at home under the guidance of a fitness coach works better for them while others don’t.

2.      Type of Service

 Many of us probably aren’t familiar with how much difference personal trainers and fitness coaches have in terms of the service that they provide their clients. Personal trainers assist you and guide you whilst in the gym to perform effectively all the routines in your program schedule. They pay attention to the actual work out such as the number and manipulation of sets, reps, lifts, heart rates and maximum weight allotment. A fitness coach on the other hand not only provides this same service but actually go a little further through building an actual personal relationship with you, the client. Their goal is to reach out to you on a mental, physical and social level. They are like teachers who work hand in hand with you to achieve the fit body that you want. A personal trainer will make sure that you get the work done whilst a fitness coach take into responsibility your own goals and make it his own.

3. Workout Technique/Routine

There is a difference between the methods of training provided by personal trainers and fitness coaches. Fitness coaches primarily rely on techniques and workout routines that are related to sports and athletics. Their skill sets are honed strongly by their background in athletics training, communication and rapport building. Personal trainers are strongly versed in the technical aspect of becoming fit. The workout routines that you perform are the primary focus of these trainers. Though experts at bodybuilding and fitness training through machinery and exercises, trainers aren’t as well versed at communication and building relationships with their clients. Most probably it’s because it simply isn’t part of their job description.

4. Training Vs. Coaching

The argument of whether personal training or fitness coaching is better than the other. It has even sparked quite the debate on several online health forums. To say, however, that one is more effective overall can be quite the challenge. Since we’re pointing out differences between the two, let’s also do a quick head to head comparison.

Personal trainers will no doubt give you an effective and efficient fitness program and workout routine. Their goal is to train you to attain the body that you want. To do this they will pretty much tell you what to do and how to do it. However, it ends there. No personal relationship is necessary for a personal trainer to be effective. This can be a bad thing for some individuals who have a hard time at performing under the pressure of a trainer.

A fitness coach will also guide you, create exercise programs and workout routines for you just as a trainer would, but only this time it will be at your own pace. The goal of coaching is not to put you under a lot of pressure, but rather to encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals – a fit body. This is extremely effective for individuals who would prefer to workout privately away from prying and sometimes judgmental eyes while you dance to the beat of your weightloss playlist.

5. Who tells who what to do?

A personal trainer will ask you what you want and tell you how you can achieve it. You will practically be told what to do most of the time. The goal is to have a fit body and that is what he will give you. A fitness coach approaches from a different angle – you tell him what you want and how you want to achieve it. Of course he will guide you and make sure that you are on the right path, but he will definitely not be ordering you around.

Now that you know the difference between a personal trainer and fitness coach, it’s time to choose but be sure that whoever you’ll pursuit your fitness journey with, he or she should have a degree or a certificate from a respected fitness college like ACPE Academy. You are the only one who knows which path will be best for you. The important thing is you achieve what you want – a healthy and good looking body.

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Author Bio:

Adeline Erwin is a budding lifestyle writer based in Sydney, Australia. As a part-time fitness instructor, she motivates people to get back into shape, using only the most natural means possible. She is also a strong advocate of eliminating junk food from the typical school child’s diet. On her spare time, she loves doing arts and crafts projects with her 2 adorable daughters, ages 6 and 8.

Getting Real With Yourself

Getting Real With Yourself!

My favorite question and comment I get these days is, “Debbie, what are you doing to look so great?…You lost so much weight and you shine”! I smile and make sure to remember, in the back of my mind, where I started from. I don’t only mean the number of pounds or inches; rather, I mean the entire, whole me. You see my transformation started about weight and then became much much more. My mindset, my body, and my spirit all changed. In this article, I will share with you what started it all! Remember to follow my blog for more articles that share my experience with others in the hope that they find the insight and motivation to take action in their own self empowerment and a better life.

It all started when I took a real, ugly, hard look at myself. Simply, I had a get real session with me! I was in a position that I could no longer deny that I was a big, hot, mess! Now this did not happen all at once. It really happened over a period of a couple years. First, I found myself weighing 280 pounds. All I could think was, “that is too damn close to 300”. I made slight changes in what and how I ate and over a year I lost about 15 pounds. I forced myself to look at myself, nude, in the mirror (i avoided mirrors like the plague). Second, I felt horrible. I was physically exhausted all the time, had aches/pains all over, and felt literally like I was on the road to my grave. I experienced severe headaches often and could not walk the flight of stairs in my house without being out of breath. Honestly, I was dying a very slow death. My years of yo-yo dieting, poor eating habits, and severe lack of exercise caught up with me at 50. At age 30 or 40 I could live in denial because I could do everything wrong and my body could hold a defense to my evil habits. Basically, my own health and mortality starred me in the face and I knew where I was headed. The destination was heart attack alley, stroke lane, and highway diabetes. Basically, the future held a very very bleak, poor quality of life for me, if I continued doing the same things.

In conclusion, I was forced to take a transparent look at where I was, what I was, and where I was going. I was forced to look in the mirror and see that I was in a poor state of health in every way possible. I knew I had to take action. I decided to attack fixing my current state at that time from every way possible. Below are the actions I took:

  1. I decided to find a coaching team that focused on helping people make a life change. I did not want a quick, fake “fix it” scheme. I wanted to gain support in nutrition and physical fitness. I also committed to put my money where my mouth was. I stated to myself, “Debbie, I will pay whatever it costs….whatever!”
  2. I decided that my body was toxic (I read and research a lot). I committed to eating only whole foods that I could identify in their natural state (not all mixed in and hidden with sauces and stuff) and not eat anything that has ingredients I can’t identify/say.
  3. I decided to treat my body with natural products only (remember I read and research a lot). I found DoTerra Essential Oils and I stopped using all medications ( I used Tylenol a lot, cold medications when I would get a cold, and prescribed medication for anxiety and depression ( I am not telling anyone to go off their doctor prescribed medications. Consult your doctor if you seek to be medication free). Currently,  I am on a regimen of completely plant-based, natural, pure supplements/essential oils and I only use organic/grass fed/natural BCAAA’s and protein powder. I use some products daily for preventative purposes, some products on a schedule, and some when I feel illness setting in (such as a cold).
  4. I decided to commit to daily, routine devotions. I acknowledged that I need the One God of all the worlds with me on my road to a totally well me.


What can you do? Sit down in a quiet place and ask yourself, ” Am I at my top potential mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?” Ask yourself, “What are my goals for me and my life?” And, last ask yourself, “Am I really truly happy, comfortable, and at peace with yourself and where you are in your life right now? After you do that and take an honest look at you take the first action step and reach out to me and let’s talk about your transformation.

Email me at debbie@wellnesstransformationcoach.com and I will schedule you for your free transformation consultation session. You are not alone! 

You are worth it!

Coach Debbie


Welcome! Join me in my transformation success!

Welcome to my blog, Holistic Wellness & Fitness. I am Coach Debbie and I am a wellness transformation coach! Through my blog, I want you to know that you are not alone. I started my transformation journey back in September of 2016 and it continues to date. I am so excited about my transformation success to date that I want to share with everyone who will listen. I want to help others to reach their “champion” status and live a better overall life as a result. I am looking for people to join me as I continue my journey to wellness and fitness. Welcome again and stay tuned for future posts.