What made your day today?Just a man and his dogs!

Like everyone, I prepare for each day much the same; however, I have come to a place in my existence where I am able to stop in the flow of my normalcy and take in moments to make each day special. There are times when one moment stands out as extra special and eventually comes to be a part of my day. Meaning that if that moment does not present itself then I actually miss it and seek it out the following days wondering what happened.

Todd and his two beautiful dogs have become a special moment in my day. Each morning I find Todd, Little Willow and Reba outside the WaWa where I stop and get coffee. Todd has breakfast with them and feeds them sauage, bisquits, and gravy with a spoon. Every time I see them, it warms my heart and I am reminded of the goodness that still exists within humanity. The love, compassion, and mercy Todd shows to Little Willow and Reba is a blessing to see each day.

Take a moment and look around? Where is your special moment in the day?

Living In The Moment!

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What do you tell yourself?

When we look around at others and see people struggling we can easily relate and tell ourselves how awesome we are that we have overcome this and that. However, when we look around and see successful people, especially in areas we are not finding so much success in, we do one or all of the following three things:

  1. We tell ourselves, “I am fine with who and where I am, I am ok with being fat and happy” ( for example).
  2. We tell ourselves simply, “I can’t do that either and I am ok with that”.
  3. We tell ourselves, “I don’t have time, money, or the ambition to do that and it’s ok”.

All of those things are nothing more than excuses that allow any one of us to avoid taking a real hard look at ourselves and being “real” and honest with our current state of affairs. In this article we are specifically talking about health, wellness, and fitness. The intention here is to motivate you to question yourself, identify your own weak points, and work on them for your benefit. For those that have a hard time with a dose of reality and deem my approach as insensitive, a put down, or simply not the right “fit” for your style. Please remember one thing, the “right fit”  is called status quo and leaves you wallowing in your comfort zone. If you do not seek out ways in which you can filter the tricks your mind will play on you (as we are all human and fall victim to our own minds) and allow for an avenue where you can receive reality checks then you will simply not grow and you will remain in the same spot you are in right now. And, this is even more true when it comes to our view of our bodies, what we eat, whether we exercise, and how fit or unfit we are. The following are some “get real with me” thoughts.

  1. Time- This is the most common excuse I hear for people not to commit to what it takes to make real changes in their health, wellness, and fitness. I have one thing to say, If you cannot find 60 minutes in a day to devote to your own health, wellness, and fitness then you have no life! I suggest that you seriously look at what you do and make changes. If you do not then you will be one of the hundreds of thousands of people across this planet with one or more of the common modern day diseases (diabetic, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression to name a few). You will run yourself into the ground and one day wake up and realize that you wasted most of the precious time given to you doing things that did very little for you or the world. If you want to be healthy and fit then you MUST choose to be healthy and fit. You MUST take steps to become healthy and fit. And, you MUST make the time to become healthy and fit. If you don’t make the time then there will never be time.
  2. Money- This is another one of the most common excuses I hear for people not to commit to what it takes to to make real changes in their health, wellness, and fitness. Money comes and goes; however, your health, wellness, and fitness does NOT! When your health, wellness, and fitness is gone……it is gone and very difficult to regain if it is able to be regained at all (depending on circumstance and/or illness). Our priorities are not in the right order. We get that money for the annual family vacation, Christmas, family dinner out once or twice a month, or that dress or bag; however, putting money on a serious avenue toward fitness and wellness is not possible. The reality is that none of those other things are as important as you health, wellness, and fitness. Non of those other things will matter if you are suddenly struck with a life threatening and/or debilitating illness or even death. The reality is that the first priority for where we all should spend our money is on our health and  fitness.
  3. “I just can’t do it”- This is another common phrase I hear from people regarding their health, wellness, and fitness. Honestly, this translates into “I won’t do it”. YOU can do much more than you think you can do! The problem is that, like all human beings, we want to take the easy way. We want the results to be quick and fast and if they are not then we give up. We also tend to want things on our own terms or we want the results to line up to what we believe they should be along the way. Well, sorry to tell all but that is just not the way it works. You will have to try something, adjust it, readjust it, and even then the results will come in the time that your body takes to respond to the demands you are placing on it. You must get the right support. This starts with a good coach and a comprehensive health, wellness, fitness program. That comprehensive program must include 3 components: (1) individualized/customized strength training, (2) individualized/customized cardio, and (3) an individualized/customized macronutient plan. You most certainly can do it if you want to do it!

The bottom line here is that we tell ourselves all sorts of crazy stuff. Let’s be real with ourselves for our own benefit and launch ourselves into the best version of ourselves possible (both inside and out).

I Changed My Thinking, It Changed My life!

Coach Debbie

What Helps With Soreness From Work Outs?

There are four products I use when Ihave to push through the soreness of building strength and muscle. They are:

1) THT’s BCAA’S.

Pink Lemonade is my favorite flavor. The following resource explains. 


2) Epsin Salt + 10 Drops of Doterra’s Deep Blue Essential Oil. 


3) Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub


4) Doterra’s Deep Blue Supplements


I usea combination of these products to combat soreness. No harmful chemicals, highest quality purification ptocesses used, purist products on market, and no GMO.

Email Me “How can I GetMy Supplements” at debbie@wellnesstransformationcoach.com

Coach Debbie

It’s A Wrap: Coach Debbie On True Wellness & Fitness


8020rule (2)

I remember when I could convince myself of almost anything regarding me and my relationship with food. I would tell myself such things as , “I eat pretty well”, “I don’t drink soda anymore”, and ” I work enough all day so working out….no need”. All the time I was telling myself these little fibs, I was growing bigger and bigger and sicker and sicker. Now I got away with this in my twenties and thirties. Then the big 40th birthday hit and so many things changed. Not only did I have to go to the eye doctor because I couldn’t see to read anymore, I learned, on my birthday, that I needed bifocals. Lord was I ever taken aback—-thank God for invisible lines! Then years started passing by again and over a period of five years or so, I simply could not get rid of those added pounds anymore. Further, I was not feeling well either. I started to hurt all over my body, my skin was dull and blemished, and i had no energy. I was tried all the time. I still did nothing! Then my 50th birthday came around and I was heavier than ever, could barely do a flight of steps, was in pain much of the time, and suffered from migraines. Worse yet my depression and anxiety was less and less easy to control. I was a mess!

I started reading a lot about health and wellness. I felt so bad that I just couldn’t fool myself anymore. I had to do something. In all my reading and information gathering, I learned  true wellness involves knowing three areas very well and doing one thing:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Preventative Self Care

The one thing that is critical, after educating yourself in those three areas is to get the right coach and support system in place. It is so much easier to transcend where we are and move to greater places when we are not doing it alone. And, let’s face it, we all cannot know everything we need to know in order to take the actions necessary to get results. There is simply so much junk and “quick fix lies” out there that it severely stifles our ability to even get the right information. Let me break down those three areas because they are so important.


What you put into your body counts! Everything counts! The human body is  a perfectly designed machine. If the right fuel is put into the human body then it runs with perfection. Even in moments of illness and disease, the body is designed to heal itself. The problem in modern times is our food sources are not pure and many food sources are not even true food. We are a over fed and literally malnourished. To put it in even more real terms, we are a fat race that is literally starving at the same time. What is the answer? The answer is, eating whole foods. Eat food that are in their true form and organic. Instead of eating frozen french fries, eat an organic, baked potato. Eat out as little as possible. Knowing what is in your food is key to making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly. It is even more important to learn what different foods, minerals, and nutrients do regarding the healing of the human body. Once you start knowing the healing elements in foods then you can treat yourself naturally. Nutrition is 80 % of your overall fitness/wellness.


You have to move to keep muscles in shape. The reality that most of us fail to acknowledge is that modern living does not require the needed movement that our bodies need to gain and maintain optimum fitness and wellness. Just think about it for a moment. How much do each of us walk each day? We have cars, elevators, and escalators that move us from point A to point B. Many of us have desk jobs so we sit a majority of the time. We simply don’t live life styles that require a lot of physical movement and energy expansion. The human body was not made for this severe lack of physical exertion. The truth is if we don’t use our muscles we loose them……meaning we use strength. This means that we need to make an extra effort to find ways to get the physical exercise our bodies need. The only way that the modern human being can get the amount and type of physical movement needed to be fit and healthy is to have a well designed workout plan. Also, the caveat to a well designed workout plan is that it must be designed for an individuals unique body type and unique body challenges. And, the only way you can get a well designed workout that is specific to your individual needs is to consult and work with someone who is trained in this area in, what I call, real world applications. What I mean is that someone can be formally trained in this area which means he/she is grounded in theory. Although all  formal education is great  to build a foundation or knowledge base, and increase that knowledge to higher levels, the most important education in this realm is real world experience in what works and what works is always grounded in current research and best practice. The problem is that many of those grounded in theory only do not realize this and produce cookie-cutter plans for their clients. The clients are often left wondering why they are failing so miserably in the area of their fitness and wellness journey. The answer is to get a coach, who has a solid knowledge base and real world experience and work on learning how to create meal plans and when and how to adjust them based upon and individuals needs identified in progress monitoring. What you do is 20% of your overall fitness/wellness.

Preventative Self Care

The third area that needs attention is preventative self care. This means that each individual should have a natural, holistic, self care plan to protect against physical, mental, and emotional stresses which can result in illness and disease. We live in times when we have been conditioned to find a pill to cure our ailments. What this contributes to is two things that are very bad for the overall functioning of the great machine we have been blessed with–the human body. First, when we feel a pain or discomfort (eg, headache) our body is telling us something is wrong. The body then administers its own defenses to deal with the negative force that is producing the pain or discomfort. What do we do? We feel the pain or discomfort and we take a pill for relief. This keeps us from feeling the pain and shuts down the natural defense system in the body. The result is that whatever is actually going on remains inside the body and is hidden. We think its gone, but it is not. It is still their working against the health and wellness of the overall system. Second, any human made medications contain contents that are not good for the human body. As a matter of fact many are actually toxic to the body. This means that we willingly take in toxic materials which adds to the already high level of environmental toxins we take in everyday. The answer is to educate yourself and gain resources about natural, plant-based remedies. Every organic fruit and vegetable has nutrients in it that are healing properties for the human body. I also use DoTerra essential oils in my healthcare plan. Between organic, natural foods and the highest quality, most pure essential oils on the market, I have a plan to set my body up for success. It is important that we all are proactive in working with our body’s natural mechanisms to promote our overall health.

The bottom line is that you must educate yourself in the areas of nutrition, exercise, preventative Self Care to set yourself up for success in attaining your optimum health, wellness, and physical fitness. And, get a coach on your side to be on your journey with you. I started with Team Hardbody Coaching and experienced so much success that I joined them as a coach.



Coach Debbie

Team Hardbody Coaching

Don’t Hustle Yourself Out of Those Precious Carbs: Use Your Carbs Wisely!

Oh My Precious Carbs!


One area that I struggled with for some time is how I used my daily allotment of carbohydrates in my meal plan. In my meal plans, I tend to start with items that I have determined are my non-negotiables. My non-negotiables are food items that I have decided I just must have. One of those was my vanilla coffee creamer. I must have creamer in my coffee and I must use enough to make my coffee very mild in color and flavor. After analyzing my meal plan with my coach, I w as able to realize that the creamer alone used 20 of my carbs. That is 20 carbs that are not working to fill me up.  This was only one item. Once I added up all those non-negotiables, I found that I was cheating myself out of valuable nutrition. No wonder I felt hungry much of the time!

I learned that it is crucial to focus much of your intake on whole foods so that you are filled and left satisfied. For example, a 4 oz potato and my coffee creamer have about the same amount of carbohydrates. The potato will fill me and provide my body with adequate fuel while the creamer will leave me hungry and deprived of the needed amounts of nutrients to fuel my body. It’s all about being smart.

You have to see to be able to take a step to your next level of greatness



I had a very sad experience getting my normal morning cup of coffee at the Wawa on my mourning drive. There is a lovely, very nice cashier that was exceptionally nice to me about a week ago. I felt a connection with her and decided to share my business card with her. I was thinking that with her smiling, wonderful, positive personality, she would be a great candidate for personal wellness and transformation coaching. She was definately one who seemed to be in a good place to go to her next level of greatness in all aspects if herself. So the next time I saw her I gave her my card.

Little did I know, she was offended. The next time I saw her, she let me know in front of a line of people, in a polite and nice way, as I checked out. It was what she said that has stuck with me. She stated, “Do I look like someone who needs a life coach, I lost 150lbs and I go to the gym”. She went on to tell me that she went home and cried. I apologized and left; however, I was very sad for this women. Why?

Besides the fact that I made her cry, I felt a sense of sadness because I realized that she is a person who lacks confidence and is likely holding herself back from her next level of greatness. Basically, she can’t see that she is in her own way. She is her own obstacle in her path to her next level and wherever that would take her.

I truly believe we all need and should have a coach particularly for wellness, fitness, nutrition, and just generally getting our bodies right. It is so important because everything about us stems from the fuel we put into our bodies. Further, the  treatment, care, and condition of  the human body influences the condition of the mind and the spirit. The greatest machine of all is the human body!

The need for a coach in this area is so important because the average, modern human being has, in general, become complacent, lazy, neglectful, and downright lacking of knowledge regarding health, wellness, and fitness. This is one main reason we are riddeled with disease both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What my friend at WaWa failed to  realize is she is a great, beautiful human being. She doesn’t realize that wherever we each are at any given point and time there is a next level. There is a next personal best for all of us. I need a coach still even though I coach. The greatest people have coaches, mentors, supporters to continue building on there growth and to continue their journeys to new personal heights and greater places in their world.

I leave all of you with the following. Don’t limit you to where you are right now! Take the next step and rise to your next personal best physically, mentally, and spiritually. When something comes into your path to help you move forward recognize it and take it.


Coach Debbie

I started my transformation wanting to lose weight but I got much more!

New Mindset New Results
Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

On a daily basis I run into people who say they want to become more healthy and change their lives, but there is always that after comment, “but I don’t have the drive or motivation….I know myself I won’t stick to it”. First, my friends, I get it. I used to fall into the very same  category of thinking that leads only to self defeat. And, the defeat is complete before you can even get the thought of and ‘possibility’ formulated in your head.

I started my transformation because I was sick and tired of feeling….well sick and tired. I am 51 and I felt only what I could imagine 85 might feel like. I was tired all the time. I had pain everywhere. I was severely obese and headed for a very sickly, poor quality of life. I started my transformation simply wanting to lose weight. I was consumed by “I can’t” and I recall my coach telling me, “people can do more than they think they can”. But, I was willing to do something to lose the weight.

As I progressed, became stronger, started to shrink, I started to build something else. That something else was confidence. All the sudden I was thinking less and  less “I can’t” and more and more “all things are possible. The world began to look different. I realized that my very dark outlook, started to have glimmers of hope in them. I started seeing more good around me than bad. I started greeting each day with gratefulness because I could see its beauty. My entire view of everything changed seemingly overnight.

As I started losing the weight, I started making taking care of my health a priority in my world. I had a nutrition/meal plan, a workout and cardio plan, and then I added a wellness plan. I started using DoTerra essential oils in my overall care. I learned about holistic, natural wellness. I have specific oils I ingest, other oils that I use to help my body defend against all the toxins and illness that surrounds  us, and others I use topically and aromatically. Further, I have an entire personalized plan and tools of how I assess what my body is lacking and I switch some oils I use based upon my physical symptoms at any given time. I no longer struggle with depression or anxiety, I manage it medicine free. Colds are less frequent, less intense, and last a very short period of time in comparison to before the start of my journey. And, I am now migraine free!

Essentially, I now have a complete, comprehensive regimen that is unique to me and my needs that addresses all aspects of wellness: nutrition, physical fitness, and mental/physical health. My journey continues and you can start your journey as well.

Visit: http://www.wellnesstransformationcoach.com

Email Me (Coach Debbie): debbie@wellnesstransformationcoach.com

Dream, Take a Step Forward, And Succeed….You Are Worth It!


Coach Debbie