You have to see to be able to take a step to your next level of greatness



I had a very sad experience getting my normal morning cup of coffee at the Wawa on my mourning drive. There is a lovely, very nice cashier that was exceptionally nice to me about a week ago. I felt a connection with her and decided to share my business card with her. I was thinking that with her smiling, wonderful, positive personality, she would be a great candidate for personal wellness and transformation coaching. She was definately one who seemed to be in a good place to go to her next level of greatness in all aspects if herself. So the next time I saw her I gave her my card.

Little did I know, she was offended. The next time I saw her, she let me know in front of a line of people, in a polite and nice way, as I checked out. It was what she said that has stuck with me. She stated, “Do I look like someone who needs a life coach, I lost 150lbs and I go to the gym”. She went on to tell me that she went home and cried. I apologized and left; however, I was very sad for this women. Why?

Besides the fact that I made her cry, I felt a sense of sadness because I realized that she is a person who lacks confidence and is likely holding herself back from her next level of greatness. Basically, she can’t see that she is in her own way. She is her own obstacle in her path to her next level and wherever that would take her.

I truly believe we all need and should have a coach particularly for wellness, fitness, nutrition, and just generally getting our bodies right. It is so important because everything about us stems from the fuel we put into our bodies. Further, the  treatment, care, and condition of  the human body influences the condition of the mind and the spirit. The greatest machine of all is the human body!

The need for a coach in this area is so important because the average, modern human being has, in general, become complacent, lazy, neglectful, and downright lacking of knowledge regarding health, wellness, and fitness. This is one main reason we are riddeled with disease both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What my friend at WaWa failed to  realize is she is a great, beautiful human being. She doesn’t realize that wherever we each are at any given point and time there is a next level. There is a next personal best for all of us. I need a coach still even though I coach. The greatest people have coaches, mentors, supporters to continue building on there growth and to continue their journeys to new personal heights and greater places in their world.

I leave all of you with the following. Don’t limit you to where you are right now! Take the next step and rise to your next personal best physically, mentally, and spiritually. When something comes into your path to help you move forward recognize it and take it.

Coach Debbie

I started my transformation wanting to lose weight but I got much more!

New Mindset New Results
Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

On a daily basis I run into people who say they want to become more healthy and change their lives, but there is always that after comment, “but I don’t have the drive or motivation….I know myself I won’t stick to it”. First, my friends, I get it. I used to fall into the very same  category of thinking that leads only to self defeat. And, the defeat is complete before you can even get the thought of and ‘possibility’ formulated in your head.

I started my transformation because I was sick and tired of feeling….well sick and tired. I am 51 and I felt only what I could imagine 85 might feel like. I was tired all the time. I had pain everywhere. I was severely obese and headed for a very sickly, poor quality of life. I started my transformation simply wanting to lose weight. I was consumed by “I can’t” and I recall my coach telling me, “people can do more than they think they can”. But, I was willing to do something to lose the weight.

As I progressed, became stronger, started to shrink, I started to build something else. That something else was confidence. All the sudden I was thinking less and  less “I can’t” and more and more “all things are possible. The world began to look different. I realized that my very dark outlook, started to have glimmers of hope in them. I started seeing more good around me than bad. I started greeting each day with gratefulness because I could see its beauty. My entire view of everything changed seemingly overnight.

As I started losing the weight, I started making taking care of my health a priority in my world. I had a nutrition/meal plan, a workout and cardio plan, and then I added a wellness plan. I started using DoTerra essential oils in my overall care. I learned about holistic, natural wellness. I have specific oils I ingest, other oils that I use to help my body defend against all the toxins and illness that surrounds  us, and others I use topically and aromatically. Further, I have an entire personalized plan and tools of how I assess what my body is lacking and I switch some oils I use based upon my physical symptoms at any given time. I no longer struggle with depression or anxiety, I manage it medicine free. Colds are less frequent, less intense, and last a very short period of time in comparison to before the start of my journey. And, I am now migraine free!

Essentially, I now have a complete, comprehensive regimen that is unique to me and my needs that addresses all aspects of wellness: nutrition, physical fitness, and mental/physical health. My journey continues and you can start your journey as well.


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Dream, Take a Step Forward, And Succeed….You Are Worth It!


Coach Debbie

What are the benefits of intermittent fasts?


I am doing my first 36 hour fast from food. I am allowed to have unlimited water which I can add my supplemental BCAA’s to when desired, my cleansing morning drink (recipe given below), and my one cup of coffee in the morning. I started 6 pm Saturday night and will break my fast 6 am Monday morning. Why do this you may ask? When our bodies go for an extended period of time (30-36 hours seems to be the accepted standard I found in my research) without food several things happen to the body.The following is a list of evidence-based changes that happen to the human body during an intermittent fast.

  • Levels of insulin in the blood drop which facilitates fat burning
  • Blood levels of growth hormones can increase to up to 5 times normal levels. High levels of this hormone facilitates fat burning and muscle gain. There are also numerous other benefits.
  • Cellular repair processes are launched. One of those processes is that waste materials are removed from cells
  • Processes in the body that involve changes in genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease.

The results of intermittent fasting assists the body to basically cleanse and repair itself. A few additional benefits are, weight loss, fat loss, reducing insulin resistance linked to Type 2 Diabetes, reduce inflammation and stress within the body, reduce risk factors to heart disease and stroke, and induce multiple cellular repair processes.

It must be noted that an intermittent fast is only effective if you are maintaining healthy and appropriate eating habits overall. It is certainly not effective to fast for 36 hours and then gorge on Twinkies for three days following. Maintaining a healthy, balanced eating regiment is essential to being healthy overall and intermittent fasting is a process to enhance a healthy eating plan and facilitates increased positive healthy outcomes.


My Morning Cleanse Drink (I drink this everyday)

Juice of 1 lemon, juice of 1 lime, 1 Tbsp raw honey, 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, dash turmeric, dash cayenne pepper, 2 drops of each (DoTerra Essential Oil/oil blends) lemon, slim and sassy, wild orange, zendocrine, digestzen, and cinnamon bark., hot water. Mix all like a cup of tea and drink.

NOTE: I only use Doterra oils as they are the most pure on the market.

Make a choice to change your life today! Apply for your 16 week transformation today!

Coach Debbie, Team Hardbody Coaching


What to do under pressure?

Don’t Be Derailed!

One of the most plan damaging, dream killing, goal smashing culprits out there is “pressure”. It can be pressure from anything from being on time to the tenth meeting of the day, to financial challenges, to something as simple as what to wear, or what to eat for lunch. No matter how big or small the matter at hand, it can derail any one of us because…..well…..we are simply human and we have weaknesses.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a coping strategy. What does that mean? You must realize that this is a normal part of life and it is simply part of our human existence. Anticipate that daily pressures will be there. Take that a step further and anticipate the pressures throughout your day that are a part of defining you and your life.

Once you anticipate what you are likely to face then you empower yourself  to be strong in facing the pressure you will feel. By empowering yourself, you minimize the impact that it will have on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now that you are prepared mentally for what you will face because you utilized the power of anticipation, you can easily implement your action plan that you have in place in order to keep on the track toward your plan, goals, and dreams.

What is an action plan? The action plan is the action or inaction you will take in the face of   pressure brought on by situations we face every moment of evey day. The following outlines steps you can take to make your action plan.

Identify your trigger/s. What is it that sets you off into a downward spiral straight off your path ( binge eating, grabbing comfort food, compulsive shopping  driving right past the gym for the day). When you know your trigger or triggers then you can formulate what you will do or not do when that situation arises and triggers that overwhelming feeling of pressure. Some examples are:

  •  take a time out for 30 seconds and talk yourself off that ledge
  • reach out to your support person ( here is where everyone needs a coach as significant others are not always the best choice at the moment)
  • don’t keep comfort items close ( leave chocolates, cakes, candies at the store)
  • use mental framing with a key preplanned positive phrase). For example, take a deep breath and within your own mind tell yourself your preplaned phrase. It may be “Ok it will be alright, calm downand and focus”
  • Give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself at that moment. If you need to cry then its ok to do so. It doesn’t have to be crying it could be anything that works (that goes for men and women). Find a moment alone, allow yourself the release, and then move forward.

The bottom line is that we all face pressures throughout our day. Empowering ourselves by accepting that fact and pre planning how we will meet that pressure,and the next to come will determine if it  derails us from our path or not.

Keep taking the next step to your success!

Coach Debbie

You have to decide enough is enough and just start a change!

The truth is, I started on my health and fitness journey because I truly felt like I was headed straight to my grave. The following gives you a glimpse of where I started and where I have come to.

My start point:

Steps problematic, aches/pains everywhere on my body, skin issues started, looked/felt tired all the time, poor sleep, mobility starting to be negatively impacted, anxiety and depression high/difficult to control, hair thinning more and more, moody, and just inhappy. Harder and harder to get through day. I could barely do most of my excercises correctly, cardio almost killed me, and I left the gym ( which was only 3 days at that time) almost unable to walk.

Me Now:

Wake up 4/5 a.m. refreshed because sleep problems disappearred, go to gym to do cardio, get coffee, drive to work ( 1 hr. 20 min), artive at work anywhere from 730-830a.m., mid day 3x a week speed walk laps 30 minutes, leave work around 4 p.m., drive back home to gym( 1 hr 20 min) do about 1 hr lifting routine, go home, eat, prepare for next day, in bed by 9 p.m. I do all that 5 days, Sat is my day off/rest, and sunday is a 55 min cardio with 60 min lift routine. I have confidence, I am happy, Anxiety/depression gone, skin issues gone, feel amazing, I have energy and I am told I glow!  I never miss the gym and I leave with a bounce in my step. And….this is only my beginning.

It’s your chance today!


I am screening to fill 8 spots  for our 12 or 16 week transformation program. Must be serious about wellness and transforming their bodies . I have 4 spots left . email me at :


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Be sure to include your first/Last name , your email address, best contact number and your wellness/fitness goals.


Coach Debbie